M&K Designs can take care of all your media storage needs as everthing we do is unique to you.
So if you have an alcove that you have tried and failed to fit freestanding in then go bespoke.
We at M&K Designs have even installed our clients own design when they could not find anything suitable for their TV and other media devices.
With a ten year guarantee as standard then why go anywhere else.
M&K Designs only fit the best.


We at M&K Designs have solutions for all the limited space that comes with a box room.
By creating storage under and over the bed you will be suprised by just how much storage is achieveable.
A pull down bed is an option for even more space, especially when use is as a guest room or home office.
Our fitted bedrooms are built around your needs and space, giving you the ultimate in solutions for your bedroom.
We also excel at sloping ceilings, chimney breast cover ups, staircase bulkheads are no problem too with M&K Designs.
As you can see, this childs room has been transformed with an underbed desk, stairs that are dual purpose and act as drawers too.
So let M&K Designs make the most of your small space.



Did you know that we at M&K Designs guarantee all our work for 10 years

With tried and tested products, we only ever use the best quality for our fitted bedrooms
All our board material is 18mm and from the leading manufacturer EGGER 
Hinges are made by GRASS and we use them as reliability is second to none
All our gloss is ACRYLIC, which is water and warp resistant
Glass/Mirror is by LACOBEL and safety backed for all our sliding doors

So when choosing your dream bedroom, can you be sure of the quality, with M&K DESIGNS we give that assurance every single time.

Fitted bedrooms are what we do best and we do them to perfection.






M&K Designs do more than just fitted bedrooms, we also do kitchen door and worktop replacement.
We know how costly replacing a kitchen can be and why change cupboards that are still fit for purpose.
All our doors are made to measure  to fit any size carcass, so trying to find the right size will be no problem with us.
With so many colours and designs to choose from and all guaranteed for 10 years.
Why go anywhere else than M&K Designs


Here are some REASONS why fitted bedroom furniture and sliding doors are your best choice.

Fitted bedrooms always use your space efficiently.
Many bedrooms in properties are sometimes compact. They require careful planning to make the room more spacious with the given dimensions. 
The biggest benefit of fitted furniture and sliding doors is that they are designed to make the most of what space you have.

Fitted bedrooms are built to your exact measurements and are planned specifically for your room.
We can cater for sloping ceilings and awkward returns thus allowing you to make your room more spacious.
Whereas freestanding furniture is difficult and sometimes awkward to place especially in these key areas.

Fitted bedrooms offer the maximum storage space with scope to use all your given available space.
With planned organization, keeping your bedroom tidy becomes a joy, with space for all your possessions, your room is easy to keep organized. 

Fitted bedroom furniture is built around your chosen needs.
You decide whether you need more wardrobe/hanging space or more drawers and put them exactly where you want them. 
Once your bedroom is completed, you'll always know where everything belongs.

Fitted bedrooms and sliding doors are permanent, so will always stay organised. 
Who wants to keep moving freestanding furniture around the bedroom.

Fitted bedrooms and sliding doors are fitted to your taste.
It could be a child, a single person's or a couples room. Whoever the occupants are, their choice of fitted furniture is customised to them. 
Desks, shelves, media units, we cater for all their needs.

Do you have fixed obstacles in your room? 
We can design around every obstacle.

Fitted bedrooms have unlimited design and colour choices.
Contemporary or traditional designs? Prefer light/dark wood? You can create your own perfect/dream bedroom. 
All our furniture is custom made, so you can create how your bedroom will look. 

You will never have to settle for anything that does not come close to your dream bedroom because we supply the dream at M&K Designs.
Based in the North East of England with over 20 years experience.
We pride ourselves on excellent workmanship and only use the best quality products, that we guarantee all our bedrooms for 10 years.

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