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Internal storage in fitted furniture is one of the numerous advantages it features compared to free standing or self-assembly furniture. The versatility offered ensures it can be adapted to everyone's storage requirements.

Designing the interior of you bedroom requires considering what you would like to store and where. Some people favour hanging clothing, others prefer to store it on shelves and in drawers. Wardrobes can be installed with double rails for trousers, tops and shirts, or one full length rail to avoid creasing of dresses and longer outfits. In children's wardrobes you can request more hanging rails to maximise use of the space within the wardrobe.

Shoe racks may be added as required. Corner shelving is often practical for larger sized things for example bags  or hats. Storage cupboards can be installed over the bed for bulky items such as quilts, luggage, or storage of less frequently used items such as wedding albums and memory boxes. Bed frames can be integrated into the bedrooms design, again these can be used as a means of storage of larger items. Tie, belt and scarf racks are always a valuable means of storage to assure these items are easily accessible in the last minute dash for work or social events.

Integral drawers can be placed within the wardrobes, as well as separate drawer units. These are found to be useful for general miscellaneous items such as purses and hair accessories. Shelving in the wardrobe can be placed as required. Frequently a shelf may be placed above a hanging rail near the top of the cupboard for less frequently needed items.

Shelving can be used in alcoves as an efficient storage method and floating shelves can be used on walls to display your favourite ornaments and trinkets.

Future storage needs can be thought about too. If you later decide to extend your family and need to make use other spare rooms in the house, items presently stored in spare rooms may need a new  space. It is well known that people always fill the space they have so extra cupboards and storage never go a miss.

It is worth considering that if budget becomes an issue that hanging rails and shelving and less integral drawers can save on cost while still offering all the benefits and versatility of fitted furniture.

Considering all these factors when designing your room will ensure an organised, clutter free, place to relax.


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